Paying HOME age to My Home Fashion Boutique’s Influential Designers

My Home-Fashion Boutique is proud to currently feature these exclusive savvy chic and trend setting designers. These prestigious brands have been able to consistently appeal to the masses and manage to have them coming back for more, creating loyal clients and making long lasting bonds. Here are four designers that I think have withstood the test of fashion and have come out on top and perhaps even better than before:



Rachel Zoe is a renowned A-List stylist, savvy entrepreneur, critically acclaimed writer, and recently, chic fashion designer. Starting out as an editor, with no fashion formal training, she has quickly become one of the most influential people in the fashion industry today. While venturing out on her own, she managed to acquire A-list clients such as Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes, Anne Hathaway, and Jennifer Lawrence, to name a few.

Even before My Home Fashion Boutique started to carry Rachel Zoe, I was an avid fan of The Rachel Zoe Project. Every outfit she wore was fresh, effortless, and well put together.  She could come out in a trash bag and somehow make it look shabby chic!  Her collections reflect her effortless taste.  One of my favorites from her recent collection is the Red Suzette fitted dress.

This knee length lace dress is a ravishing bright cheery red with cap sleeves. The lace pattern of the dress speaks for itself. The dress is a bit form fitting, but it is flattering on the body. The classic look of red, like red lipstick, never goes out of style.  Not to mention, this dress makes accessorizing super easy depending on the occasion; whether it be date night, a cocktail party or even to your godson’s Baptism. It can be accompanied with metallic accessories such as silver or gold studs and maybe a cocktail ring to give it some OOMPH.



It was in 2008, three ambitious French Brothers, Alexandre, Laurent and Raphael Elicha, founded The Kooples and captivated Europe. This house’s philosophy is all about re-inventing the traditional craftsmanship of British tailoring and infusing contemporary and fresh silhouettes with classic Parisian aesthetics for men and women. The Kooples, while still young, has made a lasting impression.

While I not had the pleasure of being introduced to The Kooples before our trunk show, they managed to gain a new admirer that very day. I already have so many favorites from them that it was extremely difficult choosing one! Though, I did end up falling for the Black silk crepe dress with the ladybird print. It was made with a draped cut combined with pleats and lace inserts. It’s not hard to see why it is one of their best sellers.  The fit is so flattering that it can be worn to both formal and informal events. The vivid colors on the dress make choosing any combination of accessories endless. The ladybird, dragonfly and butterfly combo pattern is subtle and not at all unpleasant or busy.

My only issue was that I needed an XS, if one can call it an issue ;). This dress is one to have in your closet for ages to come!  This innovative and fresh brand is currently available at My Home Fashion Boutique.



Founded in 1996, David Aubrey has presented whimsical, bold and timeless pieces for years. David Aubrey’s jewelry is meticulously crafted by U.S skilled artisans who use natural elements and precious stones in each piece. This brand also celebrates the influencer led movement, #MadeinAmerica. David Aubrey has been handcrafting with precious stones for years and now has that down to a science. My favorite piece from them is the 22” Necklace with river stones, black agate marble and brass beads. This bold piece is one of my choices simply because it adds a bit of the boho chic vibe to any minimalist outfits. It is a versatile piece for every look and occasion, from Sunday brunches with the in-laws to trips to the grocery store and encountering the hottie in aisle 9.   



Canadian brand Rudsak has been known for 20 years as the embodiment of rebellious spirit. The brand is influenced by art, music, and design. All the accessories, bags, apparel, outerwear, and footwear are crafted using the finest luxe leather, furs, and fabrics. One of their pieces that we carry at My Home Fashion is the Maverick Jumpsuit.

It should be an official rule that every woman have at least one black jumpsuit in her closet.  THIS is that jumpsuit. I adore it for three reasons: style, fit, and color. The style is a sleeveless deep V neck with crossover front, defined waist and a wide leg.  It is also accompanied by a leather belt to cinch the wait.  The side of the jumpsuit, near the midriff has sheer inserts to give it that subtle and sexy vibe.  The bottom is a form flattering fit, while the top half is a bit loose and comfortable. This classic outfit epitomizes versatility, from boho chic, minimalistic, to rock star edgy. The jumpsuit can be accompanied with funky heels for nighttime and cute sandals for the day.

All these brands were chosen with precise consideration and care. They each have their own unique aesthetic and available to anyone with a certain preference or desire to venture out of their comfort zone. Currently available at My Home Fashion Boutique.

Written by Carolina Garcia-Casal