My Home is Here for Matters of the Heart

Dating someone new is always an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. You are not sure what to wear from your closet and you feel like nothing is good enough to knock his socks off. Don’t fret, My Home Fashion Boutique is here to make your life and first meeting moments easier! Here are five first date ideas and outfits to make you feel at ease.

1. Check Out the Local Farmer’s Market


There’s the old adage, “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Instead of going to a typical Brickell restaurant, suggest going to the Coconut Grove Farmers Market, open year-round on Saturdays from 10 AM to 7 PM. Going comfortably chic is the way to go for this day trip. I recommend our whitelinen drawstring cargo pants from European Culture with the Lynne clay deep V-neck tee from Philanthropy. Not only are the colors subtle and simple for daytime wear, the outfit is light and breathable for summer outings. Feel even better in knowing that Philanthropy donates 10% of their proceeds towards pediatric cancer research and animal welfare charities. Don’t forget to accessorize! The pieces I chose to compliment the outfit were the tan 3 Pearl Swing Necklace from Bee inspired and the cool rose gold plated clasp leather bracelet created by one of our own, Cindy Zale. The shoes need to be as comfortable as possible, which is why you should go with the Cristofoli Alpargata Bram shoes. These shoes are perfect because they are casual yet trendy chic. 

 2. Take a Swing at a Jazz Club

Another interesting outing is getting dressed up for a swanky jazz club. Yes, it’s hard to believe Miami has jazz clubs, but you can take your date to a hidden gem in downtown Miami called Le Chat Noir, which plays live jazz on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. This date requires you to get more jazzed up than usual. I recommend the ultimate trifecta; Acler’s 100% Silk Persimmon Maddern Blouse coupled by the Surry Pant and the RudSak Black heels to dance the night away. 


3. Make a Strike at the Bowling Alley

Another good idea for a date is a the good ol’ fashioned bowling alley. This favorite pastime can be enjoyed with a group or couples only. The perfect bowling alley for adults Splitsville, located in Sunset Place. It’s best to go causal chic in this venue. I recommend our La Marque Keita convertible blouse with the Acler Maddern pant. It’s a classic white top with leather straps at the shoulders that give off a sophisticated yet edgy style. The pattern on the pants is subtle and not as overwhelming and busy as other Palazzo pants I’ve seen around. Your bowling shoes may clash with the outfit for a few hours, but our Jagger black flats are sure to put you back in the game. Who says you can’t look fantastic while bowling? 


4. Sail Away Together

Boating is pretty much a rite of passage in Miami, which makes it another fantastic pastime. Unless you choose to sail away in the sunset wearing only your bathing suit and a pair of flip flops, we have the perfect outfit for you. Our knit hoodie sweater from Sen is ideal for combating the windy chill factor while being breathable for warm weather.I recommend pairing the sweater with one of my all-time favorite pieces from Philanthropy, the Finley Track pant. The soft, smooth, and moisture absorbent qualities of this fabric came from the Japanese Cupro material, often described as better than cotton. Whether you’re on a sailboat, powerboat or yacht, complete your pre and post boating outfit with our green and black Avarca sandals made by Cristofoli. You may not be a boater at heart, but at least you can look like one during your date.  


5. Skate Around in Winter Wear

Although the last snowfall seen in Miami was in January 1977, a majority of Miami residents still tend to break out their winter gear for any excuse. The perfect excuse to break out your light sweater and cute boots is for ice skating. Surprisingly there is a rink, located in the Kendall area. It may be a trek for some so make sure you enjoy the company you keep. I recommend Philanthropy‘s Graves Lace back tee. No need to spruce the outfit as much because the most distinctive feature of this top is the feminine laced up back. If you are going to fall, do it gracefully while wearing a pair of our Riley jeans from Hudson. After all, jeans are fantastic for taking falls on the ice. If you fall enough times, maybe you’ll be rushing back to put on one of our Stockholm Cabernet booties by Spring footwear.