Who We Are | My Home Fashion Boutique

1. Why is the store called My Home Fashion? It sounds like it's a home furniture store.

As we say, home is where the closet is! And our home is where we want you to feel relaxed exploring our selection of local, emerging and ethical designers. My Home Fashion Boutique provides a unique shopping experience, allowing you to browse our collection in a beautiful, minimalist space. Our store makes you feel like you are shopping at a friend's home – inviting, relaxing, and fun, the no stress zone is more than just a meme here.

2. What brands do you carry?

From local designers like Sen to international high-end powerhouses like Hudson and James Jeans, we’re always on the lookout for the next big names who can sit with, and be the next, tried and true of luxury fashion. We’re particularly fond of brands like Acler, who develop their designs over 12 months and give a fresh and sculptural take on minimalist design, and Félicité, a Miami based designer that’s known for her staple pieces and donating 10% of her online sales to charities that support women, children, and animals. The new frontier in fashion is here at My Home Fashion Boutique and we’re excited to share it with you.

3. What makes My Home Fashion Boutique different from other fashion boutiques? 

Come to My Home Fashion Boutique for the modern shopping experience and stay for the perks! Our team outshines Hollywood’s best in personal styling and shopping and provides great amenities to our loyalists like home delivery and alterations. We’ll even track down an item that you #needlovewant! Check out our blog and Instagram for announcements of special events, trunk shows, and updates on how to join us in our philanthropic journey with charities and our local community.

LEFT: LAMARQUE leather shell top, Cindy Zales bracelet, Nisse tie-front pants. RIGHT: Bee Inspired Jewelry.

LEFT: LAMARQUE leather shell top, Cindy Zales bracelet, Nisse tie-front pants. RIGHT: Bee Inspired Jewelry.

4. Where do you buy your merchandise?

Since we’re such big fans of tradeshows in the store it should come as no surprise that we hit up the best in the New York and Los Angeles markets to find the best and brightest in emerging and established designers, always with the My Home Fashionista in mind.

5. How do you work with emerging designers in the more consumer and supply chain conscious retail environment today?

It’s all in the selection and forward thinking of our buying team. My Home Fashion Boutique is diligently curated with designers who employ artisans from across the globe for their hand-made work in small batches, reversible dresses that reduce consumerism, and labels that donate 10% of their online sales to select charities. At My Home Fashion, guilt-free shopping in apparel, footwear, and accessories is a click and stone’s throw away.

LEFT: LEATHERBAGSINC. clutch. RIGHT: Cristófolio leather shoes.

LEFT: LEATHERBAGSINC. clutch. RIGHT: Cristófolio leather shoes.

6. How do I find out when the new collections are in the store?

As The Byrds sang, “there is a season, turn, turn, turn…” and by that, I mean turn to the My Home Fashion blog and Instagram for updates on when we have a new season and new arrivals available to shop.

7. How is the My Home Fashion blog any different the countless other fashion and lifestyle blogs online today?

The My Home Fashion blog is as unique as the store itself and will cover not only the store’s collections and events, but pop culture’s fashion moments, personal style and style tips, the local lifestyle, and the work we do with our community. Plus, whatever we think is jumping off the cool charts and must be shared. The My Home Fashion team comes from all walks of life and we each bring our own distinct points of view to every blog and Instagram post, so stick with us!

LEFT: Guadalupe 100% natural silk long poncho. RIGHT: Nisse top, Rudsak cargo pants, Hint bracelets.

LEFT: Guadalupe 100% natural silk long poncho. RIGHT: Nisse top, Rudsak cargo pants, Hint bracelets.

8. How do you know what your customers will like?

We have the awesome opportunity to meet so many of our loyal customers and really hone our choices of what to offer. Any designer worth their salt knows the value of a trunk show and will praise the opportunity to gain knowledge directly from their core customers. Be sure to check out our blog and Instagram for updates on the next trunk show events coming to the store.

9. What can My Home Fashion achieve for emerging designers?

My Home Fashion Boutique gives visibility to emerging designer, both local and abroad. And sales to boot! With events that feature luxurious collections, a great atmosphere, the great company of established high-end designers, and of course light bites and light sips, it’s an introduction that’s sure to stay with customers.

10. Can I be a part of My Home Fashion Boutique without having my own collection?

The famed Simon Doonan started his illustrious career styling windows at a shop on Savile Row in London. Humble beginnings for some and a transformative experience for Simon. Our forever satirical slayer went even further to say that one can have a rewarding and fun experience in fashion, and be a part of My Home Fashion Boutique, without designing their own collection. There’s marketing (shot out to our own marketing whiz, Carolina), styling, window and in-store displays, and buying. Be like Simon and forge your own path. My Home Fashion might meet you along the road one day!

11. My Home Fashion got you feeling inspired?

We sure hope so! Whether it’s to stop by our store or e-commerce site to peruse our coveted designer’s pieces or tagging us with your My Home Fashion ensemble, we want to hear from you! Write us a testimonial or snap and send us your unique style. We love seeing the creativity that comes when our customers put their own spin on our designers’ core pieces that can be dressed up or down, or channel Jane Birkin in high-end French style inspired denim.

Written by Alexandria Bain