My Home Fashion Boutique’s Style Icon Spotlight: Tracee Ellis Ross, Gal Gadot & Lily Collins

When asked to write about my favorite style icons, three of my fashion idols came to mind whose aesthetics have made waves because of their sartorial choices and style attitudes.  I hope this article inspires my fellow fashionistas to emulate their fashion muses while staying on budget.

Tracee Ellis Ross

I’m always in search for pieces that will lend me even a hint of my chosen style icon’s enviable style, Tracee Ellis Ross.  Better known as Dr. Rainbow “Bow” Johnson from Black-ish or Joan Clayton from Girlfriends, Tracee gives her mother, the legendary Diana Ross, a run for her money when it comes to serving style influence that will linger for decades to come.


Tracee’s head-turning ensembles always hit the mark and seem to match her quirky and colorful TV persona.  There’s no mistaking that Tracee’s styling skills and love of unique clothes led to her singular style.  I took a page from Tracee’s #TheGirlWhoLovesToShop and channeled in her playful and colorful flair by coordinating Sen’s Ashton draped neck tunic over Hudson’s perfectly fitting Riley Crop Relaxed Fit jeans.


Sen’s tunic came to mind when I thought What-Would-Tracee-Wear. This look was inspired by a combination of Tracee’s vacation photos and her look from the Harlem’s Fashion Row Spring 2016 show that featured an unexpected peak of denim. One look at Tracee’s Instagram and it’s easy to see that the woman isn’t afraid of voluminous styles with a body conscious detail; similar to this perfectly proportioned peachy keen tunic with a draped back and fitted bottom. Add in a big curly hairstyle, bold red lips, and Sade approved hoop earrings and you will be awe-struck at your Tracee-channeling style skills.


Gal Gadot

We all know Wonder Woman is a super strong amazon and is played by the equally fierce and military trained, Gal Gadot.  But who knew Gal’s strength also included killer style?  Gal Gadot has taken t-shirt dressing to new heights. Gone are the skin tight, midriff baring styles of the early 2000’s that oddly enough, flattered no womans’ figure.  And in their place is one of my favorite labels, N: Philanthropy’s distressed t-shirts and dresses.


Ultra-cool, strategically ripped, and made in a soft and breathable combed cotton, N:Philanthropy is gaining a rabid fan base for their distressed yet polished tees and knits that evoke the spirit of Los Angeles.  I’m certain these pictures of Gal looking even better than her on-screen persona adds to the fervor!  My Home Fashion Boutique is proud to offer styles that were obvious hits at N:Philanthropy’s celebrity filled ‘Give Back’ charity event in Beverly Hills. Known to lead the pack with their socially conscious practices, N:Philanthropy donates ten percent of their profits to various charities and continuously pushes for full disclosure of their garment workers’ salaries in order to be more transparent in the fashion supply chains. My Home Fashion Boutique is proud to carry a label as fashion forward and stylish as N:Philanthropy.


Lily Collins

For the classical girl who shops with Audrey Hepburn in mind, I looked to Lily Collins for her modern-day screen siren style that has distinct edge. Preppy with bite, Lily can walk the red carpet looking like a throwback to the Golden Age of Hollywood and be photographed wearing a motorcycle jacket and leggings the very same day.


I pulled two looks that embody Lily’s affection for dressing up leather and adding her prim stamp on black and white dressing by using N:Philanthropy’s Clover Fringe skirt as a foundation to create a look that can easily transform a dynamic day look to a more refined look at night.  For a day look, I styled European Culture’s light cotton navy and white sweater over N:Philanthropy’s fringe leather skirt, topped it with a 49 Square Miles ® belt and mixed and matched jewelry from Cindy Zale and Bee Inspired.


For the evening look, I pulled a light and lacy Chelsea and Walker Mesa blouse that embodies Lily’s classic yet modern romantic style. This New York based brand is the cool girl’s best kept secret for a successful day to night look that is designed with attainable luxury in mind. This top is perfect for those who dare to bare a little skin and like to bring a sensual side to menswear details while looking feminine and completely Lily!  


Visual Merchandising

Have you ever walked through a particular store and felt at ease? Have you felt the atmosphere was so alluring you lose track of time? Or have you ever felt so overwhelmed by a store you are counting the minutes until you leave? These strong feelings are evoked by the stores visual display. These are the concepts every visual merchandiser or aspiring one adheres to when coming up with a display concept. Strong visual merchandising has a huge impact on customer experience. Here are five elements of visual merchandising:

1. Color is key

The first element customers respond to when selecting or rejecting a garment is its color appeal. People connect certain colors with holidays and seasons. They expect to see some earth tones in fall clothing, jewel tones for the holidays, pastels in early spring and white for the summer. Contrasting colors are used, like black and white or any monochromatic color to create intriguing and eye-catching displays. Sometimes retailers might create an erratic display, but if the colors coordinate well together, the display can still be a success. The white jumpsuit from SEN is the perfect go-to piece on hot summer days.  The outfit is accessorized with the Three Druzy Bead bracelets from Cindy Zale as well as with the Labadrolite bead necklace.  We selected the Bara heels shoes by RudSak to keep the minimal look. 


2. Create a focal point/hotspot

Where does the viewer’s eye focus on the display? Do their eyes move toward a specific location on the display? Are they confused as to where to look? These are simple questions to ask when displaying a product. Some clothing stores position their hotspots too high for customers to notice. Merchandise displays should be enticing and easily visible for the buyer. Just a small reminder: the hotspot is the product, not a visual element used to add to the story. There's no mistaking the focal point in the above mentioned display is the Sen jumpsuit.  The perfectly centered mannequin in the vestibule is not only attention grabbing, it creates an illusion of exclusivity, which makes the product more enticing.

3.  Tell a story

If you have a story to tell, use powerful and sales-invoking signage or colors to display the advantages of buying the product. For example, every designer has their own color scheme story they want to convey for each season. Telling stories helps the customer to understand and appreciate the product that could sway them to buy the item. 


4. Expose maximum amount of merchandise

The more products customers see, the more they buy. Retailers have many displays as possible, and try to present as much merchandise as possible.  A well-made and impactful display exposes the customer to as much merchandise as possible while avoiding a hot mess.  When there is clutter, customers tend to avoid that area and miss certain displays products. My Home Fashion Boutique continually receives new inventory to stay ahead of the current trends. Our merchandising process provides maximum exposure to our products without overwhelming our guests.  It's rare to overlook products at My Home because we maintain a high standard in ensuring our displays are always clean, sharp and spacious.  Come see for yourself!

5. Use empty space wisely

The most underutilized space in retail stores is the section between the displayed merchandise and the ceiling. This space can be used for many different things, like signage providing information about products or brands. It can be used to profile customers, designers, or suppliers. Life style graphics are also displayed to help customers make associations. 


A Guide to Our Best Petite and Short Girl Friendly Styles…

And tips to make your favorite piece’s work for you

Before we get into the exciting stuff, it’s important to answer the question of what it is to be petite in size. When it comes to fashion and shopping, petite typically refers to clothing made to fit women who are 5’ 4” and shorter. Special attention is paid to not only pant and skirt lengths, but sleeve length, waist placement, and shoulder width.

I’m here to share my personal styling finds for petites, one of the services we’re most excited to offer at My Home Fashion Boutique. I can’t think of anything more body positive than a woman embracing her look, especially when the outfit is tailored perfectly to her style and unique shape.

High-End Shortfalls

I’ve outlined a few pieces that flatter multiple body shapes for petite women. While no style will fit every woman’s silhouette to a T, my selection of tried and true petite friendly styles will highlight your best features and give you the confidence to strut down the street like your city’s very own Carrie Bradshaw.

LEFT: Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw

LEFT: Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw

Speaking of our patron fashion saint, Carrie never saw a style she loved that she couldn’t make work for her. Even ground sweeping Oscar de la Renta gowns were no match for Carrie’s confidence, made possible with the awareness of how clothes should fit the body and recognizing petite friendly styles.

Borrowing from Carrie's enviable talent for mixing and matching and elevating basics, we pulled these understated but seriously stylish Etienne Marcel sage green cargo pants, newly on sale at the boutique. I know what you’re thinking, cargo pants should stay in Gap ads from 2003, but I make the case that this Etienne Marcel pant is a closet staple that’s as modern, versatile, and complementary as they come.

Mid-rise, cropped at the ankle, and slim legged with perfect pocket placement and a well-cut inseam, this pant is especially flattering on petite frames. No hemming or alterations required! A tip for petite shoppers is to never pass up a French style inspired pant that emphasizes the waistline and has a tailored pant length. These styles are made to add length and draw attention to your fabulously toned legs. One look at how Carrie effortlessly rocks the near identical copy of this fashion find should inspire shoppers to mix and match it with a favorite top from their closet, and with all the confidence that is New York City!

RIGHT: Etienne Marcel; Greylin Top; Chelsea and Walker Jacket; Cindy Zale Jewelry

RIGHT: Etienne Marcel; Greylin Top; Chelsea and Walker Jacket; Cindy Zale Jewelry

Measured Cool from SEN

Fashion’s love of relaxed, slouchy, and room-for-two styles has trickled down to the masses, and some of these styles couldn’t be cooler! Because you typically see these styles on models who are five foot ten and higher, the petite shopper might feel intimidated to experiment with roomier silhouettes for fear of being drowned in more excess fabric than intended.

Fear no more, because we carry this incredible jumpsuit from Miami’s own Sen that will give you the high-end athleisure feel without making you feel like the jumpsuit is wearing you or like you’re wearing your PJ onesie outside.

Sen "Gillian" Jumpsuit; Cindy Zale Jewelry

Sen "Gillian" Jumpsuit; Cindy Zale Jewelry

Crafted in a soft and fluid, white pique knit, this jumpsuit features a voluminous bodice with a cropped front and low hanging back, emphasized with a sharp back dart that keeps your shoulder shape noticeable. The dropped shoulder and elastic waistband that can be adjusted to hit the wearers natural waistline make this an easy-to-wear yet chic and fitted option for the petite shopper’s edgy, off-duty model look.

Upgrade your off-duty look with this style and feel confident that its crisp darts and slim legs add shape in all the right places. This piece is a regular sized design so if you have some excess length at the pant leg, we can call Seamstress Nila ( and get you the ultimate fitting style you desire.  Not to mention your first alterations service is FREE!

Hit All Your Marks With LAMARQUE

Finally, if you’re going to hail body positivity, you better be prepared to hail your own shape first, and emphasize it with the right clothes that make you feel confident. One of the most important tips for petite women is dressing should be empowering, without overpowering. One look at LAMARQUE luxurious and understated Anaba button-down shirt dress and you’ll see why the label has garnered such a loyal fan base, particularly for petites.

If there’s a void in your closet of well-designed, quality styles that fit you like a glove, and don’t need to be cuffed and pulled up throughout the day, LAMARQUE has you covered, and without all the bells and whistles that can overpower a petite frame.  

LAMARQUE Anaba Shirt Dress; Cindy Zale Jewelry

LAMARQUE Anaba Shirt Dress; Cindy Zale Jewelry

While most of their pieces are perfect for day to night dressing, this dress is a dream for petites and requires no alterations! As seen on our very own Carolina, the mini length hits just above the knee to accentuate leg length. A slight dropped shoulder with a lightly fitted armhole keeps in mind the importance of shoulder placement on petite designs.

Last but certainly not least, the strategically placed darts around the natural waist where the sash hits will automatically give you that hour-glass shape that most women strive for.

My Home is Here for Matters of the Heart

Dating someone new is always an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. You are not sure what to wear from your closet and you feel like nothing is good enough to knock his socks off. Don’t fret, My Home Fashion Boutique is here to make your life and first meeting moments easier! Here are five first date ideas and outfits to make you feel at ease.

1. Check Out the Local Farmer’s Market


There’s the old adage, “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Instead of going to a typical Brickell restaurant, suggest going to the Coconut Grove Farmers Market, open year-round on Saturdays from 10 AM to 7 PM. Going comfortably chic is the way to go for this day trip. I recommend our whitelinen drawstring cargo pants from European Culture with the Lynne clay deep V-neck tee from Philanthropy. Not only are the colors subtle and simple for daytime wear, the outfit is light and breathable for summer outings. Feel even better in knowing that Philanthropy donates 10% of their proceeds towards pediatric cancer research and animal welfare charities. Don’t forget to accessorize! The pieces I chose to compliment the outfit were the tan 3 Pearl Swing Necklace from Bee inspired and the cool rose gold plated clasp leather bracelet created by one of our own, Cindy Zale. The shoes need to be as comfortable as possible, which is why you should go with the Cristofoli Alpargata Bram shoes. These shoes are perfect because they are casual yet trendy chic. 

 2. Take a Swing at a Jazz Club

Another interesting outing is getting dressed up for a swanky jazz club. Yes, it’s hard to believe Miami has jazz clubs, but you can take your date to a hidden gem in downtown Miami called Le Chat Noir, which plays live jazz on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. This date requires you to get more jazzed up than usual. I recommend the ultimate trifecta; Acler’s 100% Silk Persimmon Maddern Blouse coupled by the Surry Pant and the RudSak Black heels to dance the night away. 


3. Make a Strike at the Bowling Alley

Another good idea for a date is a the good ol’ fashioned bowling alley. This favorite pastime can be enjoyed with a group or couples only. The perfect bowling alley for adults Splitsville, located in Sunset Place. It’s best to go causal chic in this venue. I recommend our La Marque Keita convertible blouse with the Acler Maddern pant. It’s a classic white top with leather straps at the shoulders that give off a sophisticated yet edgy style. The pattern on the pants is subtle and not as overwhelming and busy as other Palazzo pants I’ve seen around. Your bowling shoes may clash with the outfit for a few hours, but our Jagger black flats are sure to put you back in the game. Who says you can’t look fantastic while bowling? 


4. Sail Away Together

Boating is pretty much a rite of passage in Miami, which makes it another fantastic pastime. Unless you choose to sail away in the sunset wearing only your bathing suit and a pair of flip flops, we have the perfect outfit for you. Our knit hoodie sweater from Sen is ideal for combating the windy chill factor while being breathable for warm weather.I recommend pairing the sweater with one of my all-time favorite pieces from Philanthropy, the Finley Track pant. The soft, smooth, and moisture absorbent qualities of this fabric came from the Japanese Cupro material, often described as better than cotton. Whether you’re on a sailboat, powerboat or yacht, complete your pre and post boating outfit with our green and black Avarca sandals made by Cristofoli. You may not be a boater at heart, but at least you can look like one during your date.  


5. Skate Around in Winter Wear

Although the last snowfall seen in Miami was in January 1977, a majority of Miami residents still tend to break out their winter gear for any excuse. The perfect excuse to break out your light sweater and cute boots is for ice skating. Surprisingly there is a rink, located in the Kendall area. It may be a trek for some so make sure you enjoy the company you keep. I recommend Philanthropy‘s Graves Lace back tee. No need to spruce the outfit as much because the most distinctive feature of this top is the feminine laced up back. If you are going to fall, do it gracefully while wearing a pair of our Riley jeans from Hudson. After all, jeans are fantastic for taking falls on the ice. If you fall enough times, maybe you’ll be rushing back to put on one of our Stockholm Cabernet booties by Spring footwear. 


We’ve Got Your Carry-On Style Essentials…

Just in time for your Summer getaway

It’s that time of the year! Summer is here and with it comes traveling and getaways, now more so than ever. The trend of bucking luxurious possessions in favor of traveling to local hidden gems and exotic locations is in full gear and not stopping anytime soon. But everyone wants to look and feel good on their excursions and we’re here to help solve the age-old problem of packing light, and stylishly, for your weekend getaways and globetrotting tours.

So Many ideas, So Little Space

The carry-on bag is a blessing and a curse just waiting to swivel alongside you as you bounce from city to city with ease. While it’s great to sail through airline security with your compact bag, the limited size of acceptable carry-on bags make adding more stamps to your passport more work than it should be, particularly if you’re making more than one stop before coming back home.

A lot of bloggers will tell you about Summer essentials, but that idea becomes a reality when faced with a slew of outfit ideas, sun soaked locations, and one small luggage. The key word for light-packing with style is versatility. Here are our suggestions for pieces that make big impact style moments without a lot of bells and whistles, and amenities that will have you living your best dressed, and feeling, summer on the go.

Our Pieces, Your Imagination

Take Acler’s Richie Dress in rich garnet. Vibrant enough to stand out on its own and light enough to layer under a blazer or jean jacket, this dress is a style problem solver that you won’t want to wait to pull out of your luggage.

It’s supple and soft, takes up minimal space in your bag, and can be slipped on in no time flat.

Acler Richie Dress; Jagger  On Point Flats; Cindy Zale Jewelry; Alixx Candles

Acler Richie Dress; Jagger  On Point Flats; Cindy Zale Jewelry; Alixx Candles

Your Favorite New White Tee

Your basic white tee just got a major update, and it’s still as versatile as your old favorite. Philanthropy’s perfectly weathered Parker Asymmetrical tee is made for both walking the streets of Paris with your romantic jersey hem sailing behind you and feeling comfortable while you wait in line to get into The Louvre.

Philanthropy Parker Asymmetrical Top

Philanthropy Parker Asymmetrical Top

Made for light packing and impromptu occasions, the Parker tee can be dressed down for multiple outfit inspiration posts and dressed up for rum cocktails on your weekend getaway. We’ve paired it here with Hudson’s updated patchwork Custom Nico jeans for some inspiration, though the options are endless for this super cool tee.

Pack less and bring back more tchotchkes with style choices as multipurpose as the Parker Asymmetric tee.  

Hudson Custom Nico Jeans

Hudson Custom Nico Jeans


Your horizons look brighter and brighter with a trip in your future, and a marigold pima cotton knit dress that fits into any occasion that comes up and pairs wonderfully with a pair of jeans or a or a feather light knit underneath.

Already a hidden gem in the indie fashion world, AYNI has so many cures to not knowing what to wear, but it’s the bright and cozy Cabo knit dress that calls for special attention and a place in your weekend getaway wardrobe.

Seriously stylish and socially conscious, AYNI’s collections are made in Peru using some of nature’s finest yarns and ancient handwoven techniques, like the Cabo dresses peak-a-boo stitch technique. Add in the double slits that show just the right amount of skin and you have the versatile cherry on top of you well planned sartorial sundae.

AYNI Cabo Dress; Hudson Riley Jeans; 49 Square Miles Lombard Belt

AYNI Cabo Dress; Hudson Riley Jeans; 49 Square Miles Lombard Belt

Hudson Riley Jeans; Bee Inspired Jewelry; Alixx Candles

Hudson Riley Jeans; Bee Inspired Jewelry; Alixx Candles

Take a Piece of Home with You

At My Home Fashion Boutique, we’re keen on making you feel at home, even when you’re 5,000 miles away. One way you can do that while keeping your carry-on light is with mini candles from Alixx. Created in France and made in Miami, these natural scented vegetable wax candles are the perfect ambiance creator and way to bring a piece of your home to your cabana in Tulum.

Small, compact and made of sturdy mouth-blown glass, these perfectly sized candles fit into any nook of any carry-on bag and burns 35 hours of your favorite scents from your home. Alixx candle glass can be reused to hold your toiletries and beauty products all in one place. This is definitely an essential for the free-spirited travel lover that always keep home in mind.

H07 Pivoine Candle (IMAGE: Alixx Candles)

H07 Pivoine Candle (IMAGE: Alixx Candles)

We Can Help!

Need some fast alterations before you jet off? Find a fashion love that will be perfect for lounging poolside close to your departure date? It’s My Home Fashion Boutique to the rescue! We offer free shipping in store and on our website, home delivery to the local Miami area, and alterations to get that perfect fit.

We even feature personal shopping services and can put together a bevy of unique outfits and personalized looks just for you. Tell us how we can help you and your travel style goals!   

Accommodating Accent Pieces

“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” – Michael Kors

Every outfit is not complete without accessories to accompany it. Sometimes, an elaborate garment speaks for itself and needs no other introductions f. For there is an accessory for every occasion, it all depends on asking the question of when and where.  Here are a few of my favorite things at My Home Fashion Boutique:

Put A Spring In Your Step

The first recommended accessory is the asymmetrical perforated grey suede booties from Spring Step. That’s a mouthful! Their collections feature hand printed leathers with cutout detail and embellishments, adjustable straps and lightweight outsoles for long-lasting wear. Spring Step intends to truly give their customers quality and comfort, while being too cute to boot.   These suede booties were made in Europe with traditional high  quality craftsmanship and it shows! They are constructed with real leather uppers, soft leather linings, memory foam insoles, polyurethane outsoles and vegetable-dyed leathers. These boots are definitely  made for walking. Besides the bonus of comfort, they are recommended because I also believe these booties are a must have for your closet. As someone with a flat and wide foot, finding comfort and style simultaneously is like going on a treasure hunt on an endless loop. Another good quality to these booties is the neutral color. This sandy grey tone works well with both warm (red, yellow, browns and tans included) and cool colors (blue green through blue violet, most grays included).  The details on these booties are also nicely done, leaving room for the feet to breathe. These booties are versatile enough to dress up a chic summer dress or rock out in ripped jeans.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Our Lady, Guadalupe

The next hot item is an intricate envelope clutch/shoulder bag designed by Guadalupe. This proud local brand is known for its line of textiles that are woven, designed and dyed by artisans from India. This is my recommended piece because of the handcrafted design, color, size, and versatility. The design is a woven sophisticated zig zag cotton pattern. The color is a classic two tone neutral palette, which easily accompanies every outfit. The size is big enough to fit all your essential must-haves. The best part is it can easily transform from a shoulder bag with a braided handle worn from 9-5 to an evening clutch.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

This Summer, Clutch Some Raffia

The last quintessential piece is a mini raffia clutch by Flora Bella. It is known as a lifestyle collection providing diverse and fashion forward resort beachwear looks to women from all walks of life. One of Flora Bella’s specialties is making handcrafted accessories with natural materials and functionality. The clutch is handcrafted with 100 % raffia on the shell and 100 % leather in the lining. My favorite part of this clutch is the braided straw with a swirl detail. This accessory has also been accessorized with delicate mother of pearl sphere clasps. It is my recommended piece simply because raffia is a classic in both fashion and interior design. It has also been all the rage for summer 2017 and accompanied every prominent designer’s collection and featured heavily on their Instagram. This clutch works for every occasion and for both day time and evening. It accompanies every outfit and works well with patterned pieces.


Good Things Come to Those Who Wait…

And it’s a good thing you don’t have to wait too long! For those who love to stay in the know, My Home Fashion Boutique is inviting you to preview some of the next Spring/Summer designer pieces coming to the boutique in June. You might have gotten started on your Summer essentials but our next delivery will have you making space in your closet and luggage. Good luck making it down the pier without being stopped for an ID on your indie pieces.

Now for the curtain call on your future It-girl wardrobe wish-list and what’s trending next…

Cami NYC

Summer nights on vacation call for looser silhouettes and touches of bare skin. Cami NYC is made for light packing and statement making classic pieces that can carry you straight from the beach to the hotel lounge, and much further. If you’re looking to invest in wardrobe essentials, Cami NYC is a My Home Fashion, and your closet, staple. Make your light packing or day to night dream a reality with these versatile, near weightless cami’s in buttery soft silk charmeuse with just the right amount of lace. We can’t wait to pair our classic cami’s over a pair of Hudson jeans and embody the quintessential downtown look. Fingers crossed you will too as these cult favorites, especially our featured Black Racer Cami, tend to sell out lightning fast!

Left: Cami NYC Black Racer Cami

Left: Cami NYC Black Racer Cami



DRA Los Angeles

My Home Fashion boutique is proud to now carry fellow indie rooted label dRA Los Angeles. Adding to our collection of timeless, and relaxed classics that will earn a place in your wardrobe every Spring and Summer, dRA Los Angeles is quickly gaining buzz for its clean take on bohemian style. Our new standouts are the breezy silhouetted Acacia top in washed rayon cotton gauze and its matching skirt, amusingly named the Mimosa Skirt. If you’re thinking about a cool breeze going through while you enjoy your outdoor brunch, you’re not alone! Look for these pieces to land in the store at the end of this month, just in time for Summer!

LEFT: DRA Los Angeles Mimosa Skirt detail.

LEFT: DRA Los Angeles Mimosa Skirt detail.

RIGHT: DRA Los Angeles Acacia Top Detail. IMAGES: DRA Los Angeles

RIGHT: DRA Los Angeles Acacia Top Detail. IMAGES: DRA Los Angeles


Arriving in early June are the new pieces from one of our all-time favorite labels here at My Home Fashion, the romantically fluid and forward thinking, Acler. The street style star’s best kept secret, Acler seems to have an endless amount of chic ideas that they re-work and re-drape over 12 months to create the most desirable, and wearable, organic shapes. All our Acler pieces will make you feel like a modern urban goddess, but it’s their of-the-moment high neck and roomy sleeved Maddern silk blouse that we can’t wait to get our hands on. If you’re looking to sport the high-neck trend in a more Parisian night out and less Little House on the Prairie way, look no further. And last, but certainly not least, we’re counting down the days until we can try on Acler’s Culmore Kimono Dress. Not only is it keeping with the full and roomy sleeve trend that shows no signs of slowing down, the Culmore Kimono Dress fuses the sleepwear as ready to wear trend and modern dressing with it’s easy wrap construction and ankle grazing length. It’s a total knock-out that you’ll covet for year after year.

LEFT: Acler Culmore Kimono Dress

LEFT: Acler Culmore Kimono Dress

RIGHT: Acler Maddern Silk Blouse. IMAGES: Acler

RIGHT: Acler Maddern Silk Blouse. IMAGES: Acler

What’s next?

We want to hear from you! Sign up for news and updates on and share with us the styles or designers that you think we should check out to feature in the store and on our e-commerce site and what makes them stand out. Are they a local star with all the makings and handwork skills to be the next Heidi Slimane? Are they a local, emerging designer on the cusp of drawing international buzz? And even better, are they making a difference that today’s more eco-conscious shopper can get on board with while looking chic and fashion forward, like Aurora James of Brother Vellies? We’re dying to see our new indie obsession and share with our readers the new designers they should know about and feel confident kicking their Zara addiction for! You’ll even receive 10% off your first order, what’s not to love about that?

Getting Cozy with the My Home Fashion Boutique Team

Here is an opportunity to get to know the My Home Fashion Boutique team:

Dana, Alex, Ammy, and Caro



1.    Describe yourself in 5 words.  

Funny. Strong. Kind. Dynamic. Diverse. Opinionated

2.    What’s your role at My Home-Fashion Boutique?

General Manager and Buyer.

3.    What made you decide to go into fashion?

It just kind of naturally evolved and is a second nature gift and passion.

4.    Who is your fashion icon/inspiration?

It has always been my mother.

5.    Who is your favorite designer from My Home-Fashion Boutique and why?  

I really appreciate the design lines of Rudsak but I can’t say I have a favorite because each designer brings something different.

6.    What is your favorite thing about My Home-Fashion Boutique?

I love that our inside atmosphere is so very unique. The design element will not be found anywhere else in Miami.

7.    What are your three favorite pieces from My Home-Fashion Boutique and where would you wear them?   

I think ALL of our clothes can be worn just about anywhere because a person can dress things up or down. I love the n:Philanthropy Harlow t-shirt. I’m actually obsessed a little with it.   The LaMarque fish tail cross back silk cami or the suede version is GREAT TOO!   The tuxedo jacket by the Kooples is something I can’t do without at the moment.  All of these pieces can be worn absolutely ANYWHERE!

8.    What would you want people to know about My Home-Fashion Boutique?  

That each member of our team brings very special qualities and fashion talents that make us special. A lot of thought, care and heart goes into choosing collections for our clients and guests and we take pride in presenting local designers as well as designers that are strong in creativity and skill that are not overly saturated in the market.

9.    If you can pick any city to shop around in the world, what city would it be and why?

Easily Milan.




1.    Describe yourself in 5 words.  

Optimistic, Witty, Sincere, Passionate, and Philosophical.

2.    What’s your role at My Home-Fashion Boutique?

I work mainly on the floor as a sales associate and moonlight as a blogger for the My Home Fashion Boutique website.

3.    What made you decide to go into fashion?

When I realized that people made money doing things I loved and was talented at, and so much more.

4.    Who is your fashion icon/inspiration?

I love the effortless style of Charlotte Gainsbourg. She makes great, unexpected fashion choices and chic statement looks with a minimal number of pieces.

5.    Who is your favorite designer from My Home-Fashion Boutique and why?  

My favorite designer in the boutique would be The Kooples. The fabrics and details are incredible and the lookbooks are to die for, every look is more desirable than the next, I’m so happy we carry them at the store.

6.    What is your favorite thing about My Home-Fashion Boutique?

My favorite part of the store is getting to know all these fantastic new designers and seeing the customers respond so well to their forward ideas.  

7.    What are your three favorite pieces from My Home-Fashion Boutique and where would you wear them?   

My first favorite is this Nisse linen jumpsuit with thick leather straps, color blocking, and wide pants. It’s comfy and shows just the right amount of skin and fashion forward thinking for a night out in Miami. My second are these mint green wide legs pants from Nisse with a tie-front and skirt back. The way the back flows when you’re walking makes you look so dreamy, so these would definitely be date night pants. My final favorite piece is a black cotton off the shoulder button-down mini dress from Above Mediocre Taste. It’s such a timeless, and versatile little black dress, I would wear it to work and hopefully inspire other customers to want to explore our selection more.

8.    What would you want people to know about My Home-Fashion Boutique?  

I would want people to know all about the events we hold at the store and know that some of the best pieces that you can’t find anywhere else in Miami might be coming to the store via a trunk show one day soon.

9.    If you can pick any city to shop around in the world, what city would it be and why?

While I’m tempted to go with Paris and emulate my favorite style icon, I’ll choose Milan so I can feel like my current style obsession, Zendaya. I love seeing Zendaya styled in Dolce and Gabbana’s looks and would love to shop pieces that have that cool Italian vacation feel.

10.    What's something most people don't know about you?

Before I moved to New York to start college I had never seen snow in real life!




1.    Describe yourself in 5 words.  

Quick-witted. Eclectic. Organized. Monochromatic. Tech-savvy.

2.    What’s your role at My Home-Fashion Boutique?

My role at the store is handling all the social media accounts and photographing the products.

3.    What made you decide to go into fashion?

I come from a family of pattern makers, upholsters, silk screeners, and seamstresses so seeing the industry side of it really caught my eye.

4.    Who is your fashion icon/inspiration?

Chloe Sevigny.

5.    Who is your favorite designer from My Home-Fashion Boutique and why?  

The Kooples. The brand always feature real-life couples in their ads and their clothing has a unisex feel to it.  

6.    What is your favorite thing about My Home-Fashion Boutique?

My favorite thing about My Home Fashion Boutique is the focus on creating a unique shopping experience for customers and setting that ambience.

7.    What are your three favorite pieces from My Home-Fashion Boutique and where would you wear them?   

Three of my favorites pieces at the boutique would be the Rudsak bara heels, Jaggar Footwear’s point flat, and the Maverick jumpsuit from Rudsak. The best part of all these pieces is that they’re versatile and can be worn to most occasions like happy hour, date night and even work.

8.    What would you want people to know about My Home-Fashion Boutique?  

That we offer free alterations on your first purchase! Now that’s the cherry on top.

9.    If you can pick any city to shop around in the world, what city would it be and why?

Definitely Tokyo. There’s various subcultures with different views on style. It’s nice to see everyone’s take on fashion.

10.    What's something most people don't know about you?

I’m 26 and I still don’t know how to ride a bike.




1.    Describe yourself in 5 words.  

This is a difficult one…I’m loyal, hardworking, kind, calm, and patient.

2.    What’s your role at My Home-Fashion Boutique?

My role at My Home Fashion Boutique is sales associate and until recently, a blogger.

3.    What made you decide to go into fashion?

I always loved playing dress- up and dressing up my Barbies, not a hair out of place. When I got older, I was introduced to classic movies and was always fascinated by how character’s development and journey was reflected in their wardrobe choice. Costumes and fashion have always made a big difference in movies, it withstands the test of time. To make a long story short, I always loved fashion and dressing up and I’m so glad I can make a career out of it.

4.    Who is your fashion icon/inspiration?

I have many fashion icons and inspirations.  I love classical women and their effortless chicness for example, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Katherine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Rita Hayworth.

5.    Who is your favorite designer from My Home-Fashion Boutique and why?  

It varies but right now, I’m going to have to go with Rachel Zoe. I truly love the pieces we have from her collection. They are all feminine, trendy, and classic.

6.    What is your favorite thing about My Home-Fashion Boutique?

My favorite thing about My Home-Fashion Boutique is the decor and ambience. It is one of those boutiques you can spend hours in and lose track of time. It is very cozy which embodies the true concept of the boutique.  

7.    What are your three favorite pieces from My Home-Fashion Boutique and where would you wear them?   

My first piece is a pale pink pleated cold should blouse from Greylin. I love the color, the color is the first thing I always consider when choosing a piece. This color is a classic, feminine and currently trending. I would wear it during the day for a daytime event or outing accompanied with a slim pencil skirt or trousers.  The second piece is a white ruffle trim off-shoulder cotton blouse. This blouse has a flattering fit and the ruffles are not overpowering. With the right accessories, it can be worn day or night. The last piece are the spring step suede taupe ankle booties. This booties are known to be comfortable and versatile and in the fashion world, that is not possible. I would wear these in the day time or if you are planning to travel to Europe and walk everywhere.

8.    What would you want people to know about My Home-Fashion Boutique?  

I want people to know that it is a warm and inviting boutique with outstanding and memorable customer service. We treat and greet guests like friends we have not seen in ages, our motto really is “welcome to my home”.

9.    If you can pick any city to shop around in the world, what city would it be and why?

Just one?  I would be pick Rome, Italy. I love Italy with its abundance of rich and captivating history, meticulous craftsmanship and culture. After my delightful shopping trip, I would definitely take a car and drive to my rented quaint Tuscan villa and sit and enjoy a classic and smooth wine from Montepulciano.

10.    What's something most people don't know about you?

Something people don’t know about me is that I am a hardcore gamer girl. Just give me a good video/computer game with a great plot, exciting characters and phenomenal graphics and I’ll be playing that all day.

Who We Are | My Home Fashion Boutique

1. Why is the store called My Home Fashion? It sounds like it's a home furniture store.

As we say, home is where the closet is! And our home is where we want you to feel relaxed exploring our selection of local, emerging and ethical designers. My Home Fashion Boutique provides a unique shopping experience, allowing you to browse our collection in a beautiful, minimalist space. Our store makes you feel like you are shopping at a friend's home – inviting, relaxing, and fun, the no stress zone is more than just a meme here.

2. What brands do you carry?

From local designers like Sen to international high-end powerhouses like Hudson and James Jeans, we’re always on the lookout for the next big names who can sit with, and be the next, tried and true of luxury fashion. We’re particularly fond of brands like Acler, who develop their designs over 12 months and give a fresh and sculptural take on minimalist design, and Félicité, a Miami based designer that’s known for her staple pieces and donating 10% of her online sales to charities that support women, children, and animals. The new frontier in fashion is here at My Home Fashion Boutique and we’re excited to share it with you.

3. What makes My Home Fashion Boutique different from other fashion boutiques? 

Come to My Home Fashion Boutique for the modern shopping experience and stay for the perks! Our team outshines Hollywood’s best in personal styling and shopping and provides great amenities to our loyalists like home delivery and alterations. We’ll even track down an item that you #needlovewant! Check out our blog and Instagram for announcements of special events, trunk shows, and updates on how to join us in our philanthropic journey with charities and our local community.

LEFT: LAMARQUE leather shell top, Cindy Zales bracelet, Nisse tie-front pants. RIGHT: Bee Inspired Jewelry.

LEFT: LAMARQUE leather shell top, Cindy Zales bracelet, Nisse tie-front pants. RIGHT: Bee Inspired Jewelry.

4. Where do you buy your merchandise?

Since we’re such big fans of tradeshows in the store it should come as no surprise that we hit up the best in the New York and Los Angeles markets to find the best and brightest in emerging and established designers, always with the My Home Fashionista in mind.

5. How do you work with emerging designers in the more consumer and supply chain conscious retail environment today?

It’s all in the selection and forward thinking of our buying team. My Home Fashion Boutique is diligently curated with designers who employ artisans from across the globe for their hand-made work in small batches, reversible dresses that reduce consumerism, and labels that donate 10% of their online sales to select charities. At My Home Fashion, guilt-free shopping in apparel, footwear, and accessories is a click and stone’s throw away.

LEFT: LEATHERBAGSINC. clutch. RIGHT: Cristófolio leather shoes.

LEFT: LEATHERBAGSINC. clutch. RIGHT: Cristófolio leather shoes.

6. How do I find out when the new collections are in the store?

As The Byrds sang, “there is a season, turn, turn, turn…” and by that, I mean turn to the My Home Fashion blog and Instagram for updates on when we have a new season and new arrivals available to shop.

7. How is the My Home Fashion blog any different the countless other fashion and lifestyle blogs online today?

The My Home Fashion blog is as unique as the store itself and will cover not only the store’s collections and events, but pop culture’s fashion moments, personal style and style tips, the local lifestyle, and the work we do with our community. Plus, whatever we think is jumping off the cool charts and must be shared. The My Home Fashion team comes from all walks of life and we each bring our own distinct points of view to every blog and Instagram post, so stick with us!

LEFT: Guadalupe 100% natural silk long poncho. RIGHT: Nisse top, Rudsak cargo pants, Hint bracelets.

LEFT: Guadalupe 100% natural silk long poncho. RIGHT: Nisse top, Rudsak cargo pants, Hint bracelets.

8. How do you know what your customers will like?

We have the awesome opportunity to meet so many of our loyal customers and really hone our choices of what to offer. Any designer worth their salt knows the value of a trunk show and will praise the opportunity to gain knowledge directly from their core customers. Be sure to check out our blog and Instagram for updates on the next trunk show events coming to the store.

9. What can My Home Fashion achieve for emerging designers?

My Home Fashion Boutique gives visibility to emerging designer, both local and abroad. And sales to boot! With events that feature luxurious collections, a great atmosphere, the great company of established high-end designers, and of course light bites and light sips, it’s an introduction that’s sure to stay with customers.

10. Can I be a part of My Home Fashion Boutique without having my own collection?

The famed Simon Doonan started his illustrious career styling windows at a shop on Savile Row in London. Humble beginnings for some and a transformative experience for Simon. Our forever satirical slayer went even further to say that one can have a rewarding and fun experience in fashion, and be a part of My Home Fashion Boutique, without designing their own collection. There’s marketing (shot out to our own marketing whiz, Carolina), styling, window and in-store displays, and buying. Be like Simon and forge your own path. My Home Fashion might meet you along the road one day!

11. My Home Fashion got you feeling inspired?

We sure hope so! Whether it’s to stop by our store or e-commerce site to peruse our coveted designer’s pieces or tagging us with your My Home Fashion ensemble, we want to hear from you! Write us a testimonial or snap and send us your unique style. We love seeing the creativity that comes when our customers put their own spin on our designers’ core pieces that can be dressed up or down, or channel Jane Birkin in high-end French style inspired denim.

Written by Alexandria Bain

Paying HOME age to My Home Fashion Boutique’s Influential Designers

My Home-Fashion Boutique is proud to currently feature these exclusive savvy chic and trend setting designers. These prestigious brands have been able to consistently appeal to the masses and manage to have them coming back for more, creating loyal clients and making long lasting bonds. Here are four designers that I think have withstood the test of fashion and have come out on top and perhaps even better than before:



Rachel Zoe is a renowned A-List stylist, savvy entrepreneur, critically acclaimed writer, and recently, chic fashion designer. Starting out as an editor, with no fashion formal training, she has quickly become one of the most influential people in the fashion industry today. While venturing out on her own, she managed to acquire A-list clients such as Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes, Anne Hathaway, and Jennifer Lawrence, to name a few.

Even before My Home Fashion Boutique started to carry Rachel Zoe, I was an avid fan of The Rachel Zoe Project. Every outfit she wore was fresh, effortless, and well put together.  She could come out in a trash bag and somehow make it look shabby chic!  Her collections reflect her effortless taste.  One of my favorites from her recent collection is the Red Suzette fitted dress.

This knee length lace dress is a ravishing bright cheery red with cap sleeves. The lace pattern of the dress speaks for itself. The dress is a bit form fitting, but it is flattering on the body. The classic look of red, like red lipstick, never goes out of style.  Not to mention, this dress makes accessorizing super easy depending on the occasion; whether it be date night, a cocktail party or even to your godson’s Baptism. It can be accompanied with metallic accessories such as silver or gold studs and maybe a cocktail ring to give it some OOMPH.



It was in 2008, three ambitious French Brothers, Alexandre, Laurent and Raphael Elicha, founded The Kooples and captivated Europe. This house’s philosophy is all about re-inventing the traditional craftsmanship of British tailoring and infusing contemporary and fresh silhouettes with classic Parisian aesthetics for men and women. The Kooples, while still young, has made a lasting impression.

While I not had the pleasure of being introduced to The Kooples before our trunk show, they managed to gain a new admirer that very day. I already have so many favorites from them that it was extremely difficult choosing one! Though, I did end up falling for the Black silk crepe dress with the ladybird print. It was made with a draped cut combined with pleats and lace inserts. It’s not hard to see why it is one of their best sellers.  The fit is so flattering that it can be worn to both formal and informal events. The vivid colors on the dress make choosing any combination of accessories endless. The ladybird, dragonfly and butterfly combo pattern is subtle and not at all unpleasant or busy.

My only issue was that I needed an XS, if one can call it an issue ;). This dress is one to have in your closet for ages to come!  This innovative and fresh brand is currently available at My Home Fashion Boutique.



Founded in 1996, David Aubrey has presented whimsical, bold and timeless pieces for years. David Aubrey’s jewelry is meticulously crafted by U.S skilled artisans who use natural elements and precious stones in each piece. This brand also celebrates the influencer led movement, #MadeinAmerica. David Aubrey has been handcrafting with precious stones for years and now has that down to a science. My favorite piece from them is the 22” Necklace with river stones, black agate marble and brass beads. This bold piece is one of my choices simply because it adds a bit of the boho chic vibe to any minimalist outfits. It is a versatile piece for every look and occasion, from Sunday brunches with the in-laws to trips to the grocery store and encountering the hottie in aisle 9.   



Canadian brand Rudsak has been known for 20 years as the embodiment of rebellious spirit. The brand is influenced by art, music, and design. All the accessories, bags, apparel, outerwear, and footwear are crafted using the finest luxe leather, furs, and fabrics. One of their pieces that we carry at My Home Fashion is the Maverick Jumpsuit.

It should be an official rule that every woman have at least one black jumpsuit in her closet.  THIS is that jumpsuit. I adore it for three reasons: style, fit, and color. The style is a sleeveless deep V neck with crossover front, defined waist and a wide leg.  It is also accompanied by a leather belt to cinch the wait.  The side of the jumpsuit, near the midriff has sheer inserts to give it that subtle and sexy vibe.  The bottom is a form flattering fit, while the top half is a bit loose and comfortable. This classic outfit epitomizes versatility, from boho chic, minimalistic, to rock star edgy. The jumpsuit can be accompanied with funky heels for nighttime and cute sandals for the day.

All these brands were chosen with precise consideration and care. They each have their own unique aesthetic and available to anyone with a certain preference or desire to venture out of their comfort zone. Currently available at My Home Fashion Boutique.

Written by Carolina Garcia-Casal

Walk Out On Cancer | March 23, 2017

Walk Out On Cancer is a county-wide campaign happening on Thursday, March 23rd. We are encouraging all local hospitals, large and small private corporations and our schools everywhere across Broward County to take a break, get moving and “walk out on cancer.” This movement will be covered on social media, newspapers, radio and television. A minimal donation is appreciated from each person participating, and we’re asking that all videos and pictures be added to #walkoutoncancer. You can be a part of this!

Just go to and like, share, comment and ask for others to do the same. Join Broward with a minimal donation through, and make a difference!

Any donations of $100+ or more will automatically be entered into a My Home Fashion Boutique raffle (donors must provide proof). The winner will receive the same $$ amount discount off their next purchase (on regulary priced items) as what was donated. The discount will apply for the month of April.